Texomans rush south of the Red for Texas' tax free holiday

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SHERMAN, TX-Texomans try to beat the crowds as they rush into area stores for Texas' tax free weekend. Store managers said it's one of their busiest times of the year.

According to the Texas Comptroller's Office, shoppers are expected to save about $78-million in state and local sales taxes this weekend. Shoppers said the timing couldn't be better for back to school.

Sherman High School Senior, Alison Hildebrand, was just doing some back to school shopping Friday and said it was a pleasant surprise when she found out her clothes, shoes and school supplies were tax free.

"This is actually the first time. We didn't even know it's tax free weekend so we're gonna take advantage of it so we're gonna have fun," she said.

Peggy Whitfield is also doing some shopping and said she had an early start hoping to beat the crowd before they come storming through the doors.

"I saved $15 on my three pairs of jeans so and I bought the last three pairs I had in my size, so they're gonna last me when I'm gone," she said.

JC Penney Store Manager, Barger Tygart said dozens of people have been coming in since the store opened Friday morning and he's expecting more to stop by the rest of the tax free weekend. That's why they're also extending their hours to accommodate shoppers.

"It's just getting started and we're also really off to a good start and it should be one of our strongest back to school seasons tax free in the past several years," he said.

According to the Texas Comptroller's Office, any clothing, shoes, school supplies and backpacks under $100 are tax free, but text books, computers and sports gear are not.
Tygart said their most popular items this weekend are jeans.

"This is a peak time for purchasing back to school items right now. They can save that extra 8.25% interest on their tax and so it puts more merchandise in their bags before they go back to school," he said.

And you don't have to be a Texas resident to enjoy the tax free savings, just as long as you buy from a Texas store.

"I think it's great. I was always taught that a penny saved is a penny earned," said Whitfield.

Some of the items considered tax free are baby clothes, adult diapers and you can even rent a tux this weekend and it will be tax free!
The sales tax holiday will go on until Sunday night.

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