Texomans speak out on low lake levels

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DENISON,TX -- Members of the Facebook group "Save Lake Texoma" have scheduled a public meeting for people to voice their concerns on the low levels.

Water levels at Lake Texoma are at their lowest since the early 1970's and many people are afraid they'll drop even lower.

"The power generation; it far outweighs any benefits over the damage it's doing to the lake," said Dan Pennington.

Dan Pennington is a spokesperson for the "Save Lake Texoma" Facebook group.

Friday June 20th, the group will hold a meeting to discuss the hydro-pumping on the lake by Southwestern Power Administration.

"We want to put a moratorium on power generation for Lake Texoma. We want to stop the lake from being drained," said Pennington.

"There are some areas around the lake that look bad," said B.J. Parkey.

Army Corps of Engineers spokesperson B.J. Parkey says he understands residents' concerns, but says there's no scheduled pumping for this summer. He says it's hard to measure how much elevation the pumping can take away if Southwestern Power generates, but says it would be more regularly than what water the North Texas Municipal District would take away in a year of pumping.

"If they pump 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year they may only pull it down a foot to a foot and a half," said Parkey.

Even though the recent rain has helped raise the water levels, some local residents we talked to say they still believe the water levels are too low.

"This is the lowest I've ever seen it," said a local resident.

Local fishermen we spoke with Wednesday say they've fished near the Denison Dam for years and say the recent low levels are impacting their catch.

"You used to be out here for 10 minutes and you could catch 10 fish. We've been out here for an hour and a half and one fish," said a local resident.

The "Save Lake Texoma" meeting is set for 7pm at the Holiday Inn in Durant.

The Army Corps says if you have any questions about lake levels to give them a call.

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