Texomans track Santa's every move with NORAD

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- HO HO HO and Merry Christmas can be heard around the world overnight, as Santa delivers toys.

Many are tracking Santa's travels this year with NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

News 12's own Steve Lanore uses NORAD technology.

"They have satellites orbiting the earth. They have infrared technology for heat seeking. They have aircraft with night vision so they can follow him and make sure that all the airplanes stay out of his way," Lanore said.

NORAD has tracked Santa every Christmas Eve for the past 57 years.

You can follow Father Christmas online at NoradSanta.org or on the NORAD Tracks Santa app.

Santa made a stop at Midway Mall today before continuing his travels.

Kids, both young and old, lined up, telling Santa what they'd like to see under the tree Christmas morning.

"I'm asking for a glow pet and a pillow pet. The glow pet is a seal and the pillow pet is a zebra," Meredith Bench said.

Others can't wait to turn out the lights tonight in anticipation of Saint Nick.

"We're going to make cookies and then we're probably going to go straight to bed because Santa's coming," Aiden Tocci said.

But if all else fails when tracking Santa this Christmas Eve, you can always look up at the sky and hope to catch a glimpse of him, like Meredith Bench did a few Christmases ago.

"I heard jingle bells and I looked out the window and I saw reindeer, but I didn't see Santa," Bench said.

Merry Christmas!


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