Texomans walk the plank for local veterans

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DENISON, TX -- Several people walked the plank Saturday afternoon to show their support for area veterans.

"I've never, I can officially say now that I've walked on a plank of a ship," Robert Endsley said.

"You know, I have a fear of heights. And then I'm walking on a rail that has no rails. So, it was a little scary but I did it anyways," Rene Birchall said.

For a donation, these risk takers walked the Compass Rose pirate ship's plank Saturday, and took the plunge right into Lake Texoma.

All money raised is going to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Soldiers Relief fund, which provides support for local veterans who are dealing with homelessness, PTSD and more.

"We at the Compass Rose really love veterans. And this is an event that's basically here to help raise money and raise awareness for the veterans and their issues in this area," organizer Tamie Odom said.

"It helps them with most of their needs. A lot of our veterans have homeless issues, and support issues. It'll help keep those folks in the safety net," veteran Steven Mildward said.

We spoke to a few of the brave folks who walked the plank Saturday, who told us what motivated them to fight trough their fears -- and take the leap.

"Today, I jumped in honor of my stepfather and my uncle who are both veterans of the foreign wars," Birchall said.

"I'm doing this for my little brother, fresh back from Afghanistan. And both my grandfathers and all of my uncles," Mildward said.

"My father was a veteran. My grandfather was a veteran. So if I can do something, I was never a veteran. So, I'm glad that I could do something for my country," Endsley said.

Those who took the plunge say it was all worth it.

"I think it's a great cause because you know, our veterans did so much for us for our freedom. And why can't we give back? And this is a great way to give back," Birchall said.

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