Thanksgiving celebrations make their way to restaurants

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For some families eating a home-cooked meal is no longer Thanksgiving tradition. Thursday 14 million Americans are eating their turkey and stuffing at a restaurant. And 16 million additional people will eat takeout.

Two Frogs Grill owner Aubry Harris said convenience brings in customers.

"They don't have to clean up, they bring their family they get to hang out they go home and pass out on the couch," said Harris. "It's good stuff."

And it's good stuff for restaurants, too. Harris said he's served up Thanksgiving to 800 people. 250 of those came in to celebrate, but the rest opted for pre-made meals to take home. The Grill has served a Thanksgiving buffet for 20 years, so Harris has seen the trend increase.

"Yeah, it's getting busier, every year it gets a little bit busier for sure," he said.

That's because Americans are getting busier. At least that's why Linda Clevenger decided to dine out today.

"The reason me and my son are here today is because I work two jobs," she said.

Clevenger's family lives outside of Ardmore, so she's getting in a quick meal between shifts. But this is just a quick fix, and next holiday she wants to focus on family.

"They miss me I miss them," Clevenger said. "But they understand and we'll make it up at Christmas."

In the meantime the gravy boat flows for the diners, and the gravy train rolls for the restaurants.

"We just do what we do, and thank goodness people enjoy what we do," Harris said.

That's something to be thankful for.

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