The Denison Army National Guard celebrates a change of command

DENISON, TX - The Army National Guard and Bravo Troop 3/124 Calvary had a change of command ceremony Saturday morning in Denison.

Travis Nelson is stepping down as commander of the Bravo Troops.

Eric Alejos was selected to lead the troops and is now the new commander.

The Bravo Troop 3/124 Calvary unit conducts security and surveillance operations for the higher headquarters.

New commander Alejos said being selected to lead the 46 soldiers is an honor.

"This is an opportunity for us to transfer leadership over to a new commander. That consist of taking responsibility of soldiers and their lives. That's entrusted upon you, so that's a tremendous responsiblity and one that is not taken lightly," said Eric Alejos, commander of Bravo Troop 3/124 Calvary unit

Commander Alejos said he has a great group of soldiers and looks forward to working more closely with them.

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