The Sherman Museum building celebrates 100 years

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SHERMAN, TX -- In 1914 Mattie Davis Lucas called for the establishment of a library in Sherman.

She was instrumental in getting funding from the prestigious Andrew Carnegie Foundation for its development.

The library moved to a location on North Travis Street in 1972, then, in 1976, the building became The Sherman Museum.

"We're very proud of this building and we're proud of our heritage," says Executive Director of the museum, Dan Steelman.

On Thursday night, dozens of people celebrated Lucas' efforts to start construction on the building 100 years ago.

Lucas' family members shared some of the building's history with the community.

Steelman says construction on the building began in 1914 and the opening was in July of 1915.

"This whole year will be a year of celebration for us," says Steelman.

Attendees also got a preview of Dino Days, an exhibit of four complete dinosaur skeletons coming at the end of this month.

"It's going to take up a lot of this building, they're huge," says Steelman.

Steelman says the building has served as a cultural center for a century and has become:

"Part of the fabric of this community," says Steelman.

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