Theater gives anti-bullying presentations

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Students hear things all the time in school--lockers slamming, the bell ringing and gossip flying. But today some students are hearing something else: an antibullying message from the Ardmore Little Theater.

Theater assistant Lucy Hicks chose to make the presentations because even with all the efforts to stop bullies the problem continues.

"Hate crimes have actually evolved into our schools as bullying and kids experience that on the daily." Hicks said.

Hicks mentions hate crimes because the theater is showing The Laramie Project. The play tells the story of Matthew Sheppard, a college student who was bullied and ultimately murdered for being gay.

During Hicks' thirty minute speeches she shows a memorial video of Matt and her own experience of being bullied to impart a message of tolerance.

"I know what it's like to be that kid that never found their place," said Hicks. "So if I can help one kid to find their place and feel accepted and feel loved then I've done my job."

And some students like Ardmore High school senior Johna Feldman think Hicks--and the play-- are already doing that job.

"It's a good inspiration, it brings light to a really dark subject," Feldman said.

Hicks has shined that light into 6 schools so far, and she's hoping to visit three more this week. Hicks has called schools for six weeks to make her presentation, and the one things she hopes they take away is this:

"Embrace your individuality, but understand that we're all the same, and your worth it," she said. "You deserve not to be bullied."

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