Thieves steal grave marker in Denison

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DENISON, TX -- A Denison monument company has become a victim of theft.

Colonial Monument Company manager Jim Branscum says Tuesday morning he noticed one of their grave markers missing.

Branscum says the marker weighed at least 175 pounds. He says they have little value for anything but being a monument for a loved one.

Denison police and area monument companies have been notified about the theft. Branscum says most companies will not engrave a stolen marker.

"From time to time, we have people come through wanting engraving done on a marker that they already have," Branscum said. "There is a high chance that they've been stolen and we'd rather not have any part in that."

Branscum says the piece of the marker missing is about $400. If you have any information regarding this theft, you're asked to contact Denison police.

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