Thousands flock to Durant to see 'Duck Dynasty' cast

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DURANT, OK -- More than 3,500 people showed up at the Choctaw Casino Friday to see their favorite "Duck Dynasty" characters in person.

Cast member Willie Robertson said he still can't believe the show's success.

"Every time I see a big crowd, it's just amazing how far this thing has come in a short amount of time," Willie said.

Willie, Jase and their uncle Si put on three shows at Choctaw Friday.

Billed as "Duck calls, hunting tips and tales," Willie said they just planned to ... wing it.

"You know, we're gonna talk about the show a little bit," he said. "Give the inside things about how it works, and just give our perspective on the show itself."

People we talked to said their favorite part of the show is the emphasis on family values. And the cast members told us that's the point they want to make.

"Show that hey, you can get along, and you don't have to scream at each other and cuss and fight to be entertaining," Willie said. "And filming with the family is great."

Some people showed up at 6 a.m. to wait in line.

"I like them all. I like the fact that they're all about family, faith and facial hair. That was Jase's thing," said fan Kelley Prewett.

And Jase Robertson said they're proud of the beards, even if others don't like them.

"I label it as facial profiling. People see you with a beard and they think you a threat," he said.

The public views them differently now that they're famous, Jase said.

"Deep down, we're God fearing, family oriented hard working hunters," he said.

"It just means that the show's working, and people are liking what they're seeing, the positive family values," Willie said. "We're glad to see that people are showing up, and that's probably the most comments I get. That's what people like about the show."

And about Willie's beard - he said his 10-year-old daughter has never seen him without it.

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