Three arrested for vandalizing Ft. Towson school and chapel

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CHOCTAW COUNTY, OK -- Three Choctaw County men are accused of going on a vandalism spree over the holiday weekend, breaking several windows at Fort Towson schools.

Authorities say three vandals broke into a Fort Towson school on Saturday night. The suspects have been identified as 23-year-old Bryan Harvey, 22-year-old Cody Morgan and a 17-year-old teenager, all former students.

"They broke out some windows at the tech ed building and then a couple windows in the cafeteria and the front door here," said Ft. Towson High School Principal Phil Hall.

Choctaw County Undersheriff Larry Hendrix says the three were caught on the school's surveillance video, which investigators used to identify and arrest them Wednesday.

The three are also believed to have broke two windows at a small chapel at Fort Towson Cemetery on Red Road and are suspects in several other reported vandalisms Saturday night.

"They also vandalized some mail boxes, drove by and hit them with a crowbar, and knocked the windows out of a rock truck in Sawyer Police Department's jurisdiction," said Hendrix.

The school says including a laptop that was stolen, the three former students did an estimated $3,000 in damages.

All the windows have been replaced, except the front window to the High School.

"This(front window) was a special order that hasn't gotten fixed, but it really didn't disrupt school in any way," said Hall.

Harvey and Morgan remain in custody at the Choctaw County Jail, while the juvenile was issued a promise to appear and was released to a relative.