Three new businesses come to Ardmore

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Construction has started on three new businesses coming to Ardmore.

Chicken Express is coming up on Commerce Street. and The Rib Crib and My Dentist are being built side-by-side in the Ardmore Commons.

City building official Scott McBride said the draw to Ardmore is the people.

"Ardmore's growing, and with popularity the more you get, the more's going to come," said McBride.

The City issued the building permits for both of these a couple weeks ago. Although nothing is certain yet, McBride estimates that the Rib Crib alone will bring 25 to 30 new jobs to the area. But even before they're completed these businesses are already providing work.

Tyler Burris owns Godfather concrete which has been contracted for My Dentist. Even though the concrete business is based out of Oklahoma City, progress in Ardmore still means local work for Burris and his employees.

"It couldn't be better," said Burris. "We're only about an hour away from the house. It's still close enough."

Because these two buildings are under 5,000 square feet, McBride estimates they will both be finished in about six to eight months.

"They'll be very close in mid summer. It just depends on whether they run into difficulties," he said.

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