Three friends have grown up doing Great Days of Service

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Aaron Bennett has been participating in Sherman's annual 3-day community service event since he was little.

"It brings back memories. It's definitely always a lot of fun," Bennett said.

Starting out as a volunteer, he says he learned leadership skills and a love for serving others. Now, as a group leader, he shares that passion with today's participants.

"I just love working with kids this age and, I mean, teaching them how to go along the steps to be able to get out there and serve," Bennett said.

He says he's hopeful that these kids will make lifelong friendships through the program, like he has.

"You know we see the same people year after year and this may be the only week that you see them but that's really exciting," Bennett's friend Heather Henry said.

Heather and Aaron did Great Days of Service together when they were younger. Now, they're back as counselors, along with their other Days of Service friend, David.

"It's always such a rewarding experience working with the kids and seeing them do all this hard work and stuff," Bennett said.

The three friends were all out in Sherman today, leading youth in painting houses, spraying house numbers on curbs and ridding buildings of graffiti.

"It's really hard work but it's fun when you're done," participant Holly Hunter said.

"I'm doing this because it's also a lot of fun," participant Raeden Young said.

For the three friends who have grown up doing Days of Service, they say their experience has really come full circle.

"To come and have fellowship with people that you may not see or you may not ever meet otherwise," Heather said.

"It's just full circle, having people in front of me that I looked up to as a leader and I'm trying to fulfill that role now," Bennett said.

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