Tips to keep your cars running in the heat

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SHERMAN, TX -- As the temperature goes up, it's important to look after your cars too.

In this heat you definitely don't want to be stranded on the side of the road. That's why automotive experts say taking care of your car is so important.

"We had about 6 calls this morning for cars that were broke down this morning. Usually they're heat related, this morning 4 of the 6 were heat related," said Davis Ellis, Service Manager at Ellis Auto.

Ellis says before the heat hits take your vehicle to a licensed professional. Gary Beaver says he does just that, and has never had a break down.

"Every year, I would take it in and get everything checked on it, and that will prepare you for the summer," said Ellis.

AAA has posted a YouTube video with tips to help your battery last in the heat.

But Ellis says it can be dangerous to keep up your battery yourself if you don't know what you're doing.

"If you put battery cables to a battery that's already bad, the chances of it exploding in your face are really good. So especially if you don't know to hook it up the right way, if you hook it up the wrong way. I've seen the top of the battery will just explode," said Ellis.

Other things that take a beating during the summer are tires. The lower your tires are, the hotter they get, which puts them at a higher risk for blow outs. Anti-freeze, AC, water pumps all need to be checked as well.

"The rule of thumb is if you have a yellow light on your car then take it to a technician and have it looked at. Ya know, yellow is slow down, yield. But if a red light comes on, turn it off, regardless of where you are. If you think 'I'm only a few miles from home' don't go a few miles. Those few miles can ruin an engine," said Ellis.

"I've got a saying, if you take care of your car, your car will take care of you," said Beaver.

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