Tips to save on electric this summer

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SHERMAN, TX -- Texoma weather is turning up the heat, which means people across Oklahoma and Texas are turning down the AC. But all that electric use can burn a hole in your wallet.

TXU and Reliant are just two of several electric companies that have iPhone apps for you to use to monitor your usage. TXU even offers the option to control your thermostat with the app, and freeze any extra spending.

Want a more conventional way to save? Get your AC serviced by a pro.

"If its not operating properly, you'll still pay the same amount of energy to use it, you just won't get the cooling out of it. So it will continue to run longer, and just run your bill up," said Todd Thompson, area manager of Oncor.

They say its best to keep your AC at about 78 during the hot months and not turn off your unit while you are out of the house.

"One thing you can do is to use fans because the fans are not going to make it any cooler in the room but its gonna circulate the room so it will feel as if its cooler. Because the air will be blowing across you and it will actually be cooling you," said Thompson.

Cutting back on the AC isn't the only way to cut down: turning off your lights when you're not in the room and putting in energy saving bulbs in your lights will cut down usage when they are on.

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