Tishomingo family tries to get back on their feet after losing home in Thanksgiving Day fire

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TISHOMINGO, OK -- Jodie Haines was celebrating Thanksgiving at her sister's home at the North Byrd Apartment Complex in Tishomingo Thursday.

And just before they were about to eat...

"Me and my sister's oldest, the 12-year-old Jay Jay, were in the kitchen," said Haines. "We heard the boom and looked over and saw flames coming out of the laundry room door, and the kids were all down the hall in the daughter's bedroom, and me and Jay Jay ran down the hall and got all the kids out, and my dad came over and tried to put it out and put on some water."

Tishomingo Fire Captain, Danny Walker, says when they arrived around 2:30 Thanksgiving afternoon, the apartment was completely engulfed in flames.

He says the state fire marshal is still investigating, but everything was destroyed.

"The apartment where the fire actually was is a total loss, and the one next door had severe smoke damage that I think the entire duplex will be a total loss," Walker said.

No one was in the other home at the time of the fire. Haines says none of her family was injured and they were able to get all 10 children out safely.

She says now the family is doing all they can to help her sister, Nicole, and her family get back on their feet.

"We're trying to raise money to help rebuild the house for her and four kids," Haines said. "Everything was a total loss from clothes to furniture, towels, sheets, toys. Any donations whether monetary or prayers would be greatly appreciated."

Haines says in just two days, they've raised $1600. She says they're grateful for the support and her family now has a new perspective of the Thanksgiving holiday.

"You know everybody's excited about Black Friday and shopping, and eating and stuff, and we're all just so excited and thankful that we're all here an not planning funerals," Haines said.

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