Tishomingo park may get 9-hole disc golf course

Photo by Doug Gorman The holes for disc golf, like this one above, look more like baskets.
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TISHOMINGO, OK - Tishomingo outdoor enthusiasts may soon have a new sport to take up at Pennington Creek Park.

A 9-hole disc golf course was recently proposed by one resident an idea that City Manager Jack Yates says would be a great addition to the area.

Yates say, "it's just another option for things to do while you're in Tishomingo whether you live here or visit."

Yates hopes that this course will not only attract disc golf lovers in Tishomingo, but in surrounding areas as well.

According to Yates, "It'll be a draw for area disc golfers and as well as attracting a little bit more interest in the city for something that we like which is recreation"

Yates says this course would draw interest from all different age groups.

The course would be built along the outskirts of the park.

The city would pay about $400 toward construction and the resident who proposed the project is willing to foot the rest of the bill.

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