Tom Bean adds vacation house watch

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TOM BEAN, TX - As summer approaches many families will head out on vacation, leaving their house and valuables behind. So the Tom Bean Police Department is adding a new service to keep an eye out on your property.

The Tom Bean Police Department has added a new duty to their patrols. A vacation house watch to help residents make sure their property is safe while they're away.

"This is a proactive approach. I've worked in several different cities. This is one of those things that they had in place just to kind of give the citizens a means of contacting their police department and letting us know what's going on," said Frank Deater, Tom Bean police chief.

They started the program in March when Frank Deater became the city's full-time police chief.

"It was one of the first things that I implemented. I didn't find anything in-house already being taken care of," said Deater.

The vacation house check, or request for extra patrol, is a simple process.

Any resident can download the form on the city's website and drop it off at city hall, or fill one out there. Residents can also call the police department and one will be filled out for them.

"It's documentation. It covers the name and the address of the individual and a phone number where they can be contacted. Date and time, for what day it's going to start and what day it's going to end," said Deater.

The form also asks other information. Whether lights should be on and which ones. If there are any animals at the residence and what cars, if any, should be there.

One Tom Bean resident said he's glad the department is adding the new service.

"If you're out of town you never know who can come up to your house and do whatever they want to it. Not just your friends, but anyone around and stuff. So I think it's a great idea and I'm glad they're putting this on," said Lucas Bornstein, a Tom Bean resident.

Chief Deater said, even with the extra patrol, residents should always make sure doors and windows are locked. Also, take extra precautions that are needed to help keep your home and valuables safe.

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