Towing companies see business boost in icy weather

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Icy roads mean slow going for commuters and travelers returning from holiday getaways. But it means business is picking up for Texoma businesses who help out stranded drivers.

"Hopefully it slows down a little bit," said Vonda Richards, owner of Broadway Tow. "If it refreezes tonight they'll be back at it again."

That's what Richards is saying about her three drivers. Since 2 o'clock on Christmas, her company has fielded 25 calls for tows. That's up nearly 100 percent from a normal day. Her drivers have had to work non-stop to keep up with the calls.

"They'll call me and ask are we through yet and I'm like no, not yet," said Richards.

Those words also reflect the busy day the Oklahoma Highway Patrol has had. Lieutenant Allen Henry said they've received 150 calls for motorist assistance in the past 24 hours.

"What we're receiving calls on today are mainly people that are sliding off the roadway and getting their speed up a little bit because they think it's clear," said Henry.

After OHP arrives to help drivers who go off those slick roads, they call one of the towing companies in their rotation. For Richards, winter is usually a slow time of year, but this weather means...

"It's a nice bonus," Richards said.

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