TrailBlazer announces plans for Denison layoffs

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DENISON, TX -- After an unsuccessful attempt at renewing a major contract with Medicare, Trailblazer informed its 460 Denison employees of the company's plans to reduce its workforce.

Earlier this month, the company was denied their appeal, and we are told their current Medicare contract expires in August. A release from TrailBlazer Health Enterprises states that employees were told today the first round of layoffs is set to begin October 26, and the second, November 16.

According to TrailBlazer spokesman Billy Quarles, the company is doing what it can to save jobs.

"Trailblazer has submitted bids for additional Medicare contracts and is pursuing other potential contracting roles in the hopes that we can reduce the number of positions that might be impacted. The notices that went out today to the 460 in Denison, that is almost everyone in Denison. So, if some of those efforts were not successful, it is a possibility, a possibility that those offices will close," said Quarles

According to Quarles, some Denison employees will be offered the chance to relocate. Otherwise, the company plans on offering severance packages to those who qualify, and assistance with finding other jobs.

The company's statement says about 390 employees at the Dallas office will also be let go.

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