Train derails in Gainesville

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- A BNSF train derailed in Gainesville around 8:30 Tuesday night sending more than a dozen cars off the tracks over E. Garnett St.

"It was loud. It was real loud. It was so loud it shook my house," Chris White said.

"We heard it when we were sitting out on the porch. It was just a big boom. I mean it was like a boom that you've never heard in your life," Tara Franklin said.

"I've never heard them brake like that before. They skidded for a long while and then they just stopped," Ricky Gutierriz said.

Gainesville Police say anywhere between 20 and 100 cars went off the track. First responders say the material that the train was carrying is not hazardous.

"It mainly was carrying Taconite. It's a type of rock. It's non hazardous, " Gainesville Assistant Fire Chief Wayne Twiner said.

"It wasn't a chemical train. Thank God for that," White said.

Police say there have been no reports of injuries, but the train did take out some power lines, knocking out power to multiple homes. Authorities are urging residents to avoid the area while they figure out why the train derailed and clear the tracks.

"The railroad is going to be out here all evening, and the next probably several days. There's a lot of hazards with downed power lines and things like that. We believe we've got everything secured, but it's just not a safe area right now," Twiner said.

Nearby residents say they are just glad it appears no one has been hurt.

"I just thank God that everybody's okay, and hopefully there's no injuries on it and they can get it cleaned up fast," White said.