Two Ardmore families move into Self Help homes

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Two Ardmore families are moving into brand new homes that a local organization helped them build.

On the outside the two homes might seem ordinary, but they got here through the physical labor of their owners and the help of community action agency Little Dixie. It's called the Self Help Housing program.

"I mean we've been working twelve to fourteen hours. Yesterday we were out here for fourteen hours," said Linda Martin is one of the proud new homeowners that put her work into her three-bed two-bath home.

For six months friends and family helped her do caulking, painting, staining and insulating every day after her full time job. Program director Terri Harless said homeowners put in a minimum of 750 hours of labor.

"We call it 'sweat equity.' and what that is it just helps offset, they don't have a down payment or closing costs," said Harless. "But they're going to do a lot of the labor on this home."

To get to this point applicants have to meet an income guideline and go through a credit check to qualify for a low-income loan. The monthly payment also includes taxes and insurance. Harless said they do it all for the American dream of owning a home.

"As opposed to throwing money away on rent each month you're actually paying on something that's going to be yours," she added.

And these homes are helping two Ardmore families open the door to a new life.

"It's just something for me to look forward to in my retirement," said Martin. "And to have a house for my kids if they need some place to live."

Both families have finished the last of their paperwork and have started moving in.

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