Two men arrested for Arson in Bryan County

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK---Two arrests have been made following an investigation of a home that was set on fire Monday night.

"I'm going to have to fix it, that's where we live, that's my house, that's my family." said Chad Airington.

Monday night two masked men set this home on fire off Indian Road, 3 miles outside of Durant.

The Durant fire department and Bryan County Sheriff's office were dispatched before learning a woman inside the house had put out the fire without any injuries. Four people live in the home including the owner Chad Airington.

"I was out here working yesterday and my daughter-in-law called me and said my house is on fire, and said there's two guys pouring gasoline on it." said Airington.

These men, 24 year-old James Starlin, and 38 year-old Bradley Crowell were arrested in Caddo a short time after residents gave Bryan County authorities descriptions of suspects and a white Ford F-150 they were allegedly driving.

Bryan County investigator Nathan Calloway says they are pretty confident that the men arrested are the correct suspects in the case.

"When Caddo police made the traffic stop and when our officers arrived, the suspects still had gasoline going down their pants, and just wreaked of the odor of gasoline, it was obvious they had just left." said Calloway.

When Starlin and Crowell were stopped in Caddo, officers say they found an empty milk jug used to carry gas, along with their masks.

Calloway says they're fortunate to be able to catch the suspects so quickly.

"Arson's are one of the most difficult criminal cases to prosecute, or to even just find a suspect." said Calloway.

Airington says a few weeks ago he had a dispute between two local residents over money and believes those residents sent the two suspects over to do this.

"They're just cowards, because they can't be grown men, because we can't just settle it." said Airington.

The Bryan County Sheriff's office continues to investigate and Airignton says they hope justice is served.

"Now my house is burnt, and hopefully the law takes care of it." said Airington.

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