Pair caught on video trying to steal Bells bank ATM

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BELLS, TX-Bells Police are asking for your help finding two men who tried to take an ATM machine out of a local bank Monday morning. Investigators also think it might be connected to another ATM robbery in Marshall county just last week.

This brazen attempted burglary was caught on camera around 7:30 Monday morning.
Bells Police Chief, Scott Barrett said two men in a white pickup truck tried to steal an ATM machine from the First National Bank of Bells/Savoy right on Highway 82 and FM-1897.

"It's pretty crazy that somebody would, that these people would come in the light of day and everything. As you can see in the surveillance video there are cars driving by," he said.

And they didn't stop after the first try. Barrett said they tried three times to chain the ATM to the truck and use a "grinder" to get into the safe inside with no luck.

"You just look at the job and think, it definitely took them a little time."

The bank's security officer, Russell Clapp, said the suspects didn't get away with any money but the ATM was heavily damaged..

"We're gonna replace it. It's just a property loss right now and we're looking at basically it's an inconvenience to our customers so we're gonna ask them to please bear with us as we take time to get it fixed," he said.

Barrett said the suspects appear to be two white men driving a white 90's model Ford F-250 with a tool box in the back. There's no license plate on the vehicle, but he said they may be from Oklahoma based on the registration sticker. Barrett also said the two men might be behind a similar break-in in Marshall county last week.

"They had a break in at a business up there with people trying to steal an ATM machine from a store and it appeared there's a white truck involved in that. We don't know if it's the same people or not but we're gonna contact them," said Barrett.

If you recognize the truck or any of the men in this video, contact Bells Police (903) 965-7239.