TxDOT installs four way stop at Pottsboro intersection

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POTTSBORO, TX -- A four way stop has now been on one of the primary thoroughfares to get to Lake Texoma.

It's the most common place for car accidents in the city.

"Pottsboro Police has responded to over 30 accidents there," Police Chief, Shone Nix, said.

Nix says most of the accidents at the intersection of State Highway 289 and 120 are due to drivers believing the intersection was a four way stop, but that wasn't the case until Tuesday, when TxDOT installed stop signs there.

The signs were installed after TxDOT denied the city's request to put in a traffic light.

Chief Nix says he believes the four way stop will keep residents safe and reduce the number of accidents.

"A lot of the at-fault drivers believe it was a four way stop intersection anyway, so I'm hoping that that will continue and people will pay attention," Nix said.

But some residents have mixed feelings about the new stop signs.

"It's just a death trap," resident, Dale Arnold said. "You see some people go to the lake and they're half drunk and then they're going home and they're still half drunk, and they won't see the stop signs there. They need to put traffic lights up."

While others believe it will be an improvement for everyone.

"I drive it every morning to and from work," said resident, Julie Griffith. "I think it will help safety wise."

"Force them to pay attention more, it's not gonna take up too much time and that is a good location for that," said resident, Jason Hammond.

Chief Nix says the city has also sent in a new request to TxDOT to conduct a study on whether to lower the speed limit on State Highway 289.

He says police officers are already out patrolling the area -- making sure drivers pay attention to the new four way stop.

A ticket for failing to stop at the intersection will cost you $200.

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