TxDOT's Sober Ride Sleigh visits Paris

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PARIS, TX -- A red limo blaring Christmas music made its way into Paris today as part of the Texas Department of Transportations Sober Ride Sleigh tour.

The limo decked with holiday decorations made several stops in Paris, asking people to pledge to find a sober ride during the holidays.

The Sober Ride Sleigh visited Sherman and Denison Thursday morning before making its trip to Paris and will visit 15-Texas cities this holiday season.

TxDOT says last holiday season there was a 20-percent increase in alcohol related accidents.

"We're not saying don't go out and don't drink, we're just saying if you do please plan ahead and get a sober ride home," said TxDOT employee Tray Turner.

Those that take the pledge were entered to win a trip to New york City to celebrate New Year's Eve. While the runner up will also win a limo ride on New Year's Eve in their hometown.

Pledges can also be posted on Twitter.

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