Tyson Foods expanding in Sherman

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- The largest employer in Grayson County is getting bigger.

"Eleven million dollars worth of investment over the next two years. They'll be hiring 75 new jobs at their facility in Sherman on 75 and we're real excited about reinvestment in the market," Sherman Economic Development Corporation President Scott Connell said.

The Sherman plant, which produces beef, ground beef and pork, will soon increase their local workforce to 1,400 people.

SEDCO is offering Tyson an incentive for their $11 million dollar investment.

"Our incentive is $460,000 over two years, the next two years, based on them reaching their goals of hiring and investment in the phased scenario," Connell said.

That money will go toward installing new equipment and production lines.

Tyson Senior Vice President Gary Sheneman said this about the city of Sherman, "We're pleased to be able to create jobs. They've been great supporters of Tyson Foods throughout the years."

"We're just glad we've kind of done our part and we're on to helping them, you know, get to where they achieve, where they expect to achieve, in the next couple of years," Connell said.

Connell says announcements like this mean Sherman's food and beverage industry is growing and will continue to in the future.

"We have the capacity, the knowledge, the awareness and the transportation to be able to really support food and beverage industry," Connell said.

SEDCO also announced today that they'll provide Brookshire's a $160,000 infrastructure incentive to move forward with building a store in Sherman off 1417 and Washington.

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