UPDATE: Paris police say the 2 found dead were married couple

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PARIS, TX -- Police say the two people found dead this weekend in Paris were husband and wife.

Police continue the investigation of the shooting of 21-year-old Emily Kaylyn Bush and 24-year-old Terrell Deon Bush.

They were found in the 2500 block of West Houston on
Saturday morning by family members after calls and text messages were unanswered.

Police say this could be a murder suicide, but they are investigating the scene as a homicide first and will use ballistic and forensic tests to make the final determination.

Police say they believe a firearm found close to one of the bodies is believed to be the weapon used.

Neighbors interviewed by officers said there were sounds of a disturbance at the home around 11:00 PM Friday night followed by slamming of doors.

We will let you know of any new information as it becomes available.