UPS and FedEx customers upset again Friday over package delay

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SHERMAN, TX -- Two days after Christmas and some Texoma residents are still outraged over packages not being delivered on time. Both UPS and FedEx say they have been working overtime to get packages to their destinations as quickly as possible.

Both companies have apologized to customers. UPS blamed a "perfect storm -- bad weather and an increase in online sales", and FedEx recognized a shorter holiday season.

Friday another line formed outside the UPS Customer Service Center in Sherman. Customers waiting to ask the same question they did Christmas Eve. Where's my package?

Eddie Ober says he has made three trips to the UPS location in Sherman in the last week.

"We keep getting told that they'd be here. That they were on a trailer and that they would be delivered and they never have been delivered," Ober said. "It's kind of a frustrating experience."

Now some customers like Ober say they are just waiting on these packages to return what is in them.

"We were going out of town without the Christmas presents that we ordered. So we had to make other arrangements," Ober said.

Friday UPS said this on their website, "pickup and delivery operations are operating in all ZIP Codes. We experienced heavy holiday volume and are making every effort to get packages to their destination as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience."

However, that apology is not enough for some local customers.

"Just not getting packages and customer service being less than responsive and apologetic. It's really frustrating for a business owner who's just trying to make it from week to week," Solano said.

Sherman business owner Tim Solano says not receiving his packages could cause his business to suffer.

"I have some packages that have been here for a couple of days and today they delivered one of the many that were supposed to be delivered, but my employees won't be able to stock the shelves unless they come through," Solano said.

UPS says some customers who did not receive their packages in time for Christmas will be refunded.

Amazon is also offering shipping refunds for items sold on their website that were not delivered on time.

Neither UPS or Fedex have said exactly how many deliveries were delayed.