Unique new grocery store setting up shop in Sherman

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- A new grocer is coming to Texoma, bringing some unique business methods along with it. The company uses a grocery cart rental system and asks shoppers to bring their own shopping bags.

Sherman's newest grocery store will be at the corner of 75 and 82.

The German-owned chain has more than 1,200 stores in the U.S., primarily from the East Coast over to Kansas. Now, they're increasing their presence in North Texas with a location here in Sherman.

Peek inside ALDI's new location and you'll see they look ready to stock the store.

"It's a specialty type grocery store that's a little bit smaller than your typical type grocery store that we're all used," Sherman Chamber of Commerce President Eddie Brown said.

Brown has been in communication with an ALDI representative. He says the store will open this summer and that means more jobs for residents.

"They've not started the hiring process just yet here. That will be coming very soon," Brown said.

ALDI offers the most frequently purchased items nationwide, sold under ALDI exclusive brands.

The experience is different than a traditional supermarket: customers are asked to bring their own bags, rent a cart for a quarter and they don't stock shelves, but offer products on pallets.

ALDI's PR firm says their groceries sell for 50 percent less than traditional supermarkets and if a customer is unhappy with a product, they'll replace it and offer a refund.

Still, some shoppers aren't impressed.

"I didn't think much about ALDI's in Plano. The prices on their canned goods weren't any cheaper than where I shopped before, like at Walmart and Kroger," local resident Bobby McKee said.

But Brown says the addition of this grocery store means a healthier marketplace for the consumer.

"I think it's a good opportunity for the consumers to have many choices and it allows maybe a small store for people that want to park up close sometimes and maybe get in and get out pretty quick," Brown said.

The next closest ALDI stores to this location are in Frisco, Little Elm and Ardmore.

The retailer is averaging 50 to 80 new stores a year; this location being one of them.

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