Valentine's Day: A day divorce lawyers love

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ARDMORE, OK--Marriages and Engagements are common events you would expect to happen on Valentine's day but believe it or not so is Divorce. Greeting card companies and florists are not the only ones who profit off of Valentine's day, divorce lawyers also see plenty of business due to a spike in divorce filings this time of year.

Valentine's day is not just for lovers but for lawyers. According to a recent report done by AVVO.COM, a website that helps with legal needs, filings for divorce typically increase by 40 percent around the holiday.

AVVO officials said there are two categories of people who file for divorce on or around Valentine's day. The first are those who made getting a divorce a New Year's resolution but have put it off until now.

The second group consists of those whose marriages are on the rocks but were waiting till after Valentines to see whether or not they wanted to end the relationship. Area lawyer James English has another theory.

"People go through Thanksgiving, they go through Christmas, New Years was a three or four day holiday, Presidents day, lots of times the weather is such that they're indoors and they get a little bit on each other's nerves" said English.

English says he hass seen divorce rates climb as high as fifty percent this time of year.

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