Texas Comptroller recognizes Van Alstyne

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VAN ALSTYNE, TX -- The City of Van Alstyne was recently recognized by the Texas Comptroller's office for being transparent with its finances. In other words, having an open form of government and telling residents how their money is being spent.

The City of Van Alsytne has struck gold, at least when it comes to transparency. The town has received the Texas Comptroller Gold Leadership Circle award.

"As far as the comptroller's concerned gold level is setting the bar for others to achieve. So for our first year out of the gate to be awarded gold. We're pretty proud of it," Baker said.

City Manager Frank Baker says the award recognizes local governments for their financial transparency online.

"Transparency means the ability to be able to see what exactly is going on, whether it's the check register, who we're writing the check's to, whether it's the budget, where we plan for the funds to go," Baker said.

City Clerk Jennifer Gould says on the city's website taxpayers can visually see where their money is being spent.

"We have our current budget, as well as the three previous years budget. We also have check registers for our general fund and our water fund which are our two primary," Gould said.

Also on the website, Gould says residents can find contact information for elected officials and even see how much money city employees make.

"I think it shows that we're moving in the right direction, making sure that we're open with the citizens. Letting them know that we're here to serve them," Gould said.

Brooke Medlock recently moved to Van Alstyne and says knowing the city has been recognized for its transparency gives her trust in city leaders.

"It's nice to know, you know, where your money is being spent, knowing it's not being thrown away, " Medlock said.

To check out the city's website visit www.cityofvanalstyne.us.