Van Alstyne City Council votes to lower water rates

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VAN ALSTYNE, TX -- After months of controversy over water bills the Van Alstyne City Council voted to lower base water rates Tuesday night.

In October officials say the city raised water rates by about 89 percent for high water users, but at Tuesday's meeting a majority of the council voted to lower those rates to roughly 38 percent.

Jinny Hampton manages a Van Alsytne apartment complex. She says after the council raised the water rates last year the complex's bill went from around $1,800 dollars a month to about $4,100 dollars. Hampton says after the council's decision she expects the bill to be around $2,200 dollars.

"They opened their ears and their eyes to the outreach of the citizens and how it did affect them and they did come up, with the citizens, to find a better rate system to help citizens and businesses feel the relief from this rate hike," Hampton said.

The city's consulting engineer says normal sized households should see about a $10 to $15 dollar drop in their bill.