Van Alstyne Unsolved Murder

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VAN ALSTYNE, TX -- It has been more than a decade since a Howe man was shot to death on Highway 75 and his unsolved murder haunts his family to this day. Kristen Shanahan sat down with his mother who is once again asking for help to bring closure to her son's case.

"I don't drive down the road where it happened and I don't think about it. So that pain never goes away," Margie Anderson cried.

A section of southbound U.S. 75 in Van Alstyne, near the Cowboy Club, is hard for Margie Anderson to drive by. Eleven years ago her son Michael Anderson was shot to death while driving to work.

"I have no idea why, why his vehicle was chosen," Anderson said.

Van Alstyne Police Chief Tim Barnes says he is not sure either.

"He was in the outside lane. Suspects vehicle was in the inside lane and the vehicle was shot multiple times," Chief Barnes said.

Police believe the murder took place sometime between 6:00 and 6:20 p.m. On Saturday November 23, 2002. Chief Barnes says they found Michael dead inside his red GMC pickup along a median several hours later.

"Thought it was a stranded motorist and then realized that we actually had a homicide," Chief Barnes said.

Michael was 23-years-old and engaged to be married.

"I think he would have been a terrific father, and he would have contributed so much. And touched so many people's lives and that was all taken away from him and us," Anderson said.

Margie means it when she says her son was one of a kind.

"I couldn't have asked for more from a son because he was responsible. He was fun to be around," Anderson said.

She says just days before Michael was killed they spent an afternoon golfing together.

"One of my favorite things that he did was that he'd come and play golf with me and he never left our house without giving me a hug and saying 'I love you mom," Anderson said.

A day Margie says she would not trade for the world.

"I guess God really does give us those moments to look back on and put the ugly to the side," Anderson said.

Margie says she has found some peace over the years to help her move on, but the case is still unsolved and she wants justice to be served.

"I'm asking for anyone that knows anything about it, or can remember anything about it, or may have talked to someone who knows about would please come forward," Anderson said.

"Help the mother and the family close this part of their life," Chief Barnes said.

Chief Barnes says they do have some evidence that cannot be disclosed, but they need more to charge a suspect or suspects in the death of Michael Anderson.

"Maybe they have friends or ex-friends now, or even family members or ex-family members that over heard them talking and hopefully come forward with some information," Chief Barnes said.

"We're dependent on those that may know anything to come forward and help because its been a very long time," Anderson said.

"You know it may be that little piece that we need to move forward," Chief Barnes said.

"It doesn't take away the pain of losing him, but it can give us closure," Anderson said.

Chief Barnes says there is a monetary reward for anyone who gives information that leads to the arrest of the person or people who killed Michael Anderson.

If you know anything about this case please call the Van Alstyne Police Department at 903-482-5251.Tips can remain anonymous.