Veteran Texoma Journalist makes Denison Dam Documentary

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DENISON, TX -- For over 70 years, Denison Dam, enclosing Lake Texoma, has functioned as flood control, water supply, hydroelectric power production and of course, recreation for Texoma.

But the rich history behind the construction of the dam is not as well known.

That is why veteran Texoma journalist and filmmaker, Gene Lenore, decided to make a documentary about it.

"I felt like it was a great story that had never been told. I mean people, you know, they think the dam has always been here. They think the lake has always been here," says Gene Lenore.

"I don't know, maybe 60 years old or something like that. It was when the lake was built," says Whitesboro resident, Megan Johnson.

The dam is located on the Red River, right between Texas and Oklahoma.

And the area surrounding the dam brings visitors from Texoma and across the country.

"We come every year to take pictures of the bluebonnets and we go to the state park and hike around there," says Whitesboro resident, Megan Johnson.

But you might be surprised at what else the dam provided many years ago.

"It provided jobs for people...we're talking about the end of The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl days," says filmmaker, Gene Lenore.

But not everyone supported the idea back in the 1940's.

"Oklahoma didn't want this dam built, they sued to keep the dam from being built and the suit went all the way to the US Supreme Court," says Gene Lenore.

Lenore's documentary, Denison Dam: Taming the Raging Red will be released later this summer and you can follow the Facebook page for the film, Denison Dam 2014, for all the latest.

"I just find the story...fascinating," says Gene Lenore.

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