Virus hunter Nathan Wolfe receives Austin College award

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SHERMAN, TX - A man who hunts viruses around the world before they start spreading received Austin College's 2014 Posey Leadership Award.

Nathan Wolfe has spent his life studying deadly viruses around the globe.

"The kind of work he does and the way he does it and the recognition that he has had has been very very wonderful for us," said Chuck Wolfe, Nathan's father.

Chuck was with Nathan Thursday as he accepted Austin College's prestigious 2014 Posey Leadership Award.

"It's amazing to be a part of the group of the former recipients it's just such an incredible group of people," said Nathan Wolfe.

Through his field work around the world, he's collected data and blood samples which led to the discovery of new viruses.

"Pandemics like HIV should really never have happened," said Nathan.

Under the two organizations he's founded--more than one hundred scientists work across the globe to identify new viruses, to ultimately prevent worldwide pandemics.

"There's a big uncharted world it's just an unseen world--so part of it is trying to encourage the next generation of scientists who can pick up that exploration which will be useful for disease but also just for sort of understanding our environment and in some ways just what it means to be alive," said Nathan.

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