Waitress foils potential theft at popular Denison restaurant

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DENISON, TX -- The Gourmet Waffle shop had just opened for business Monday.

"Lady come running in and went behind the register and grabbed the money bag," said owner Joe Williams.

The woman then headed for the door, but she was spotted by a waitress, Williams said.

"And as she ran out the door the waitress got after her and caught her," he said.

The waitress tackled the woman and took the money back from her, Williams said.

But Police say the thief was able to get away.

"She left the scene in a white vehicle. The owner has given us some additional information that we're gonna be following up on," said Lt. Mike Eppler.

Williams said he thinks he knows the identity of the suspect.

In the meantime, Eppler asks for the public's help in finding her.

"White female. Reddish colored hair. Appears to be in her 50's, mid-50's," he said.

Williams said he's proud of the way his employees responded.

"We just don't tolerate that sort of thing around here. Everybody just has to be prepared to look out for it. If we have to, we'll have more people here to help watch," he said.

Eppler said the thief was unarmed, but he doesn't advise the public take matters into their own hands.

"I understand people make their own decisions. What we recommend is for people to get the best description of the people, vehicles anything like that, and call us immediately and let us start looking for them," he said.

But Williams says his business is no place to mess with.

"Not now or ever. We're not gonna tolerate it," he said.

Authorities ask anyone with information on the suspect to contact Denison Police.

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