Walls go up for Habitat for Humanity home

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DENISON, TX -- A local family will soon get a brand new home custom built just for them, all thanks to a non profit.

Saturday morning, volunteers raised the wall -- marking a new beginning for the Taylor family.

"It's a blessing from God," Shona Taylor said.

The Denison family of eight is just 12 weeks away from getting their new Habitat for Humanity home. Volunteers weathered the storm and hammered away, making progress on the home.

"Raising the wall is actually, it makes a big impact on me. Seeing everyone come together and just help build a foundation for the home," volunteer Ashley Bowen said.

Many of the volunteers have helped build several Habitat homes in Grayson county, including Shona and Keisha Tyalor, who have put in hours of work to get to this point.

"They've invested at this point, more than 200 hours of sweat equity."

Executive Director Laurie Mealy says the Taylors applied a couple years ago. As a requirement, before the family could get their home, they had to complete a series of budgeting and finance classes as well. They'll help with the construction of their own home.

"By the time their house is finished they'll have completed 350 hours of sweat equity," Mealy said.

The home will have four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Enough room to fill with new memories.

"Well, I'm going to be very excited because now my kids get their own bedroom and they can have their own yard to play in, and we're going to have a house as a family together," Shona Taylor said.

"Just want to thank every body for coming out and volunteering, and Habitat and the Lord and Denison, the city of Denison again for donating this land," Keisha Taylor said.

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