Waterloo Pool swimmers participate in world record attempt

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DENISON, TEXAS -- More than 60 people were splishin and splashin at Waterloo Pool in Denison Tuesday morning, lending their arms and legs to what they hope will be a new record for the world's largest simultaneous swim lesson.

"It's the Guinness Book of World Records and there are over 3,000 people that are signed up to do this today all over the world," Denison Parks & Rec Manager Sunny Mackey said.

Swim lesson instructors used this as a teachable moment for water safety.

"How to be in and around water. Help others out when in need," water safety instructor Jamie Wood said.

"Just not to be afraid of water and, you know, being able to swim a little bit. Float on your back, don't be scared to go under, how to help a friend if they're going under: grab something, pull them in," lifeguard Tyler Reeves said.

Thousands of swimmers spread out over 700 locations dove in to help break the record.

Mackey says Waterloo Pool is proud to be one of those participants.

"We were the only pool, the next closest is McKinney, so we're really excited to be a part of it today," Mackey said.

Instructors like Martha Hayes were excited to lead some of the smaller swimmers to a big accomplishment.

"I think it would be absolutely awesome if we broke a world record and I think everyone was so excited about it last year around the world that the hype is even bigger," Hayes said.

They hope to find out in a month if they achieved a new world record.

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