Weather closings mean business losses

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Ice coated the streets in front of these businesses on Wednesday, and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol asked people not to drive.To local businesses like Dacapo music, closing down yesterday only made sense.

"We had students scheduled for the afternoon, and I didn't want my students to be out in that sort of situation," said Steve Middleton.

Middleton owns this music shop and chose to give students a lesson credit instead of operating as usual.The typical after-Christmas crowds bearing gift cards and items to return or exchange couldn't come. So the price of safety meant a financial loss..

"Well, you lose a day's sales," Middleton said. "But I've been around this business long enough that when we have a severe weather event like that people just stay in."

But not everyone does. Some shoppers in the area braved the slick streets...

"i've drove in worse," said shopper Aaron Turner. "It wasn't real bad."

And today that's the attitude that prevails. Middleton said people with Christmas money and those who really want to shop will still make the journey in.He's confident that he'll make up what he lost in the coming days and weeks.

"We've made a few sales, had the telephone ring, so it's a positive thing," he said.

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