Whitesboro police: Two vehicles stolen while warming up

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WHITESBORO, TX-With chilly temperatures still in the forecast, Whitesboro police advise you to keep an eye on your car if you start it to warm it up before hitting the road.

Roger Tucker gets ready for work early Friday morning, warming up his truck because of freezing temperatures. As he walked back into his home on the 600 block of East South street, he felt something wasn't right.

"I heard the engine kinda rev up, I thought it was kinda funny and then I heard it start backing out the highway. So I just ran outside and saw it drive up the road," he said.

Tucker said he always warms up his truck before work and he's never had a problem with crime in his neighborhood.

"Nerve racking really because this town's really hadn't been that way. It's just a nice quiet town, I've lived here off and on since 69 and shoot we used to leave the doors wide open," he said.

Whitesboro Police Chief, Scott Taylor said another car was stolen in the same manner last week.

"We've had a couple of instances lately. The weather's been getting colder, people go out and start their cars and get them warm, so they're ready to go. A lot of times they go back in the house, which a lot of times invites criminals to jump into your car and leave," he said.

That's why he advises drivers not to leave their cars unlocked.

"Lock it, have another key. Start it, lock it, because criminals are looking for the easy target that they can just jump into and leave quickly," he said.

Tucker said because of what happened to him, he reminds fellow drivers not to leave their cars unattended.

"I say just tough it out. It's really nice to get into a warm car when it's cold, but with stuff like this is going on, I say just hop in it, start it up and go," he said.

Taylor said they are following leads on both car thefts and there are no suspects in custody.

If you have any information about either incident, contact Whitesboro police (903)564-3585.

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