Whitesboro police need help identifying burglary suspects

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WHITESBORO, TX-Two suspects were recently caught on camera stealing thousands of dollars worth of items from a Whitesboro business and Monday, police are asking for your help to identify them.

Whitesboro Police Chief, Scott Taylor told us the burglary seemed to be well thought out by the suspects. The storage facility is gated and surrounded by cameras, but they managed to keep their faces out of view. So Monday, police ask if you know who the suspects are.

Chief Taylor said it happened Memorial Day weekend, two women pulled into the Preston Park Storage facility in a white Ford sedan. As you can see in the video, one of the women loaded two boxes to the trunk of the car. Taylor said four storage units were broken into, items stolen included table saws, air compressors, nail guns and other high dollar tools. He said the facility is key code access only but the women were able to cut through the fence.

"They seem to scout out the place. Most people just go in and out and I feel like they knew the cameras were there so they avoided some of the cameras and to break in and come back later to stage items so they can pick it up quickly," he said.

Chief Taylor said both women came back to the storage facility around 2:00 early the next morning to pick up more items as you can see in the video. Taylor said he believes the women are both in their 30's, but it's unknown if they are local.

If you recognize the women in this video or have any information on the burglary, contact the Whitesboro Police Department (903) 564-3585.