Wings of Freedom Tour flys into North Texas Regional Airport for the week

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DENISON, TX - A German M-E 262 jet is one of four other WWII aircraft that will be on display at the North Texas Regional Airport this week for the Wings of Freedom Tour.

The event is put on by the Collings Foundation.

Andrew Meislin, ride coordinator, said the mission is to fuel interest in WWII.

"Unlike most museums where people have to actually bring their kids or family to a museum and see a static display, we're a living history museum that goes around the country," he said.

Local World War II veteran Jim Farris said he worked with three of the planes on display during the war.

"This brings back a lot of good memories and bad memories. Not too many bad memories, I didn't have too many of those," he said.

He's glad to see people taking interest in WWII history, he said.

Mike Shahan, airport director, said he's excited to see the UH-1E Huey helicopter and ME 262 added to this year's lineup.

"Oh it's fantastic," he said. "It brings a lot of people out to the airport, which is always good. And anytime you can see these old war birds out like this ... you know ... I love these type aircraft."

The exhibit lasts through Wednesday.

Most purchases - like rides on the aircrafts - are tax deductible, Meislin said.

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