ODOT says it is prepared for more winter weather

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TEXOMA - As the forecast turns frigid once again, ODOT's crews are monitoring road conditions closely.

"Well our crews are certainly going to continue to monitor conditions, This is unfortunately become quite a routine for the last week," said Mills Gotcher, spokesperson for ODOT.

Gotcher says they've replenished their sand and salt supplies since the last winter storm hit, and they are well prepared for whatever wintry mix we may see on Monday.

"We have to just take it as the temperatures come down and what it's telling us to do."

Gotcher says depending on what type of precipitation Oklahoma sees, will determine how the roads are treated.

"It just really depends on what's coming in, and what's happening. If it's snow, we don't want to put salt down which will melt it it'll just create an ice situation," said Gotcher.

It's the bridges and overpasses transportation officials are most concerned about.

"As we see the freezing fog and freezing drizzle coming in as we have been, they'll immediately treat the frozen overpasses and bridges. They're generally the first to freeze, and what we look for right off the bat in a storm like that. If it changes over and we get snow, we'll plow it."

Terry Pennington works on a ranch in Southern Oklahoma, and he says he takes responsibility for his personal safety during winter weather by dressing warmly and giving himself plenty of time to drive on roads that may be icy.

"Get up every morning throw on lots of insulated clothes. If you warm up you can take them off but don't leave home without them because if you don't have them you can't put them on. With ice like that you better let yourself have 30 minutes to get where you're going," said Pennington.

Officials also say with the possibility of winter weather, keep in mind the "4 P's:" People, pets, pipes, and plants.

News 12 reached out to TXDOT and they were not available for comment.

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