Mechanics suggest winterizing your car

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Some of us are dreaming of a White Christmas, and in case your dreams come true, have your car winter-ready.

"You just want to make sure your car's road ready for when it snows," Chris Braden with Sears Auto Center said.

Mechanics at Sears Auto Center in Sherman have been getting Texoma cars ready for inclement weather.

"Every car needs to be checked over. You know, that's your everyday driver. It's just like taking care of your baby, you know, you need to know exactly what you need to do to take care of it," Braden said.

The DMV says you should switch to thinner oil in the winter, use coolant with ethylene glycol in it and make sure you have enough washer fluid.

You should also have a fully charged battery with 12.8 volts.

But perhaps most important is having tires ready for snow.

"Well you definitely want to make sure you have good tread on your tires. Tires that are mud and snow tires," Braden said.

As for something easy you can do on your own, place an emergency kit in your car for precaution.

"Flashlight, a first aid kit, maybe some fix a flat, things like that," Braden said.

These measures can help you have a safe Christmas, whether it's sun or snow.

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