Eisenhower State Park drowning victim identified, ruled suicide

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DENISON, TX---The name of the woman who was found dead at Eisenhower State Park after she drove her car into the lake has been released.

Authorities say 58 year old Marsha Curry from Richardson Texas drowned when her car rolled off a ramp at the park, into the lake last night.

Witnesses called 911 just before 6:00, saying they saw the car veer off the side of the ramp hit some rocks and sink into the water.

Divers found the car under about 25 feet of water a short time later and discovered Curry's body inside.

Grayson County Sheriff's Lieutenant Ricky Wheeler says the death has been labeled a suicide.

"The JP did not order an autopsy and I think he put the cause of death as a drowning."

Lieutenant Wheeler says they have notified Curry's ex husband but are still trying to get in touch with her sister who lives in Austin.

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