Woman, granddaughter hold home burglar until police arrive

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DENISON, TX -- Police say a woman and her granddaughter trapped a man trying to burglarize their home - and held him until police arrived.

Police say Arthur Woodson, 29, entered a house on Seymore Circle, where a 61-year-old woman was home alone.

She convinced him to leave peacefully. But police say she later saw him rummaging through her car. That's when she slammed the car door, trapping the suspect inside.

Police say he was able to get free, but the woman's 21-year-old granddaughter pulled up in her car and pepper sprayed the suspect.

Lt. Mike Eppler said he's charged with burglary of a house, burglary of a vehicle, and possession of marijuana. He said he's also charged with taking a vehicle from a local car lot in an unrelated incident.

If convicted, Woodson faces up to two years in prison.

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