World Series of Poker Comes to Choctaw

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Starting tonight...and for the next 19 days the Choctaw Casino is going global! It's playing host to a world-wide event.

The stage is being set for the biggest poker tournament in the world and that stage is right here in Texoma.

"They were looking for someone who had a facility that could meet their expectations and standards that could host a wsop tournament and we are that facility" Said casino director Steven Loyd.

The Choctaw Casino is hosting the midwest regions first ever World Series of Poker circuit event. It starts thursday night and runs through January twenty-fifth. There will be three tournaments a day and more than 800 players in any one tournament.

"It brings lodging benefit it brings food and beverage benefit" said Loyd. "And, many poker players are also slot players and table game players"

Loyd says that although the Casino will surely reap the benefits of the tournament, the winnings won't stop there.

"I'm sure our local businesses in durant and the surrounding areas will see these people while they're here, so the entire community will benefit as a whole."

Big name poker players from all over the country will be laying down their bets in hopes of making it to the final tournament and winning the grand prize. 500 thousand dollars.

"Its big big money" Said Poker champion T.J. Cloutier.

Cloutier has won seven WSOP championships at the final tournament in vegas. He says that with a little luck, on any given night anyone can win and, so everyone should play.

"Believe me there are all kinds of players any drunk could come off the street and any drunk of the street could come in and pick up two aces in the right spot."

With buy-ins as low as one hundred dollars pretty much anyone can play. Play your cards right for just one day and it could change your life forever.

"Even if you only do it one time you'll satisfy that urge whether you think you can play with these guys or not" Said Cloutier

"The nation is proud we are all proud to be a part of this so we expect this to be the finest location that the circuit event operates in." Said Loyd.

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