iPad thief caught

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SHERMAN, TX--Sherman police worked closely with law enforcement from across North Texas to arrest Jessica Hoffman at an Arlington apartment last night.

Police captured this video as 37-year-old Jessica Hoffman was arrested at a relative's apartment in Arlington.

Investigators said after they released surveillance video of Hoffman stealing iPads from the Sherman Walmart, on April 26th.

A viewer called in a tip that led them straight to her. They said she's wanted for thefts from 27 other Walmarts and eight Targets across North texas and Southern Oklahoma.

Right now she's in the Grayson County Jail on a $100,000 bond. And we're told Hood county has now issued an arrest warrant for Hoffman, asking for her to be held without bond.

"It's kind of an A+, for lack of a better term regarding the arrest of the suspect. Since she was hitting so many different stores, the amount of loss to these retailers was significant," Sherman Police, Sgt. Bruce Dawsey, explained.