Ardmore street repairs delayed until city gets asphalt

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Back in December a 14-inch water main burst, damaging the 400 block of H street southwest in Ardmore.

The City has filled in the hole with gravel, but some neighbors -- like Raymond and Courtney Kuhlman -- want to know when the the City will come up with a more permanent solution.

"Me and several of the neighbors have called them since because they left a complete mess out here," said Raymond Kuhlman."They blocked off the driveway."

Don Olive is the Street Department supervisor, and he said he hasn't forgotten about H Street. But he's running into a roadblock of his own on this repair project: the asphalt plant won't produce for orders this small.

"They're losing money by just firing up for small amounts," said Olive. "So we have to wait until summer gets here and everybody's using asphalt, and then we order it."

The project itself would involve repaving 150 feet of street, which would use about 40 tons of asphalt. While the hole is filled for now, the Kuhlmans are still worried about open spaces on the side of the road.

"I can't even let my kids play around it because I'm afraid they're gonna fall or get their foot caught in a hole or something like that," Raymond Kuhlman said.

But for now the Street Department said it's driven to get on the road to a permanent fix.

"We're gonna get it fixed," said Olive. "It's going to happen. We just have to get everything in order."

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